I can’t wait to order DVD 1 and 2 for our next school year. Bino & Fino is very educational and it’s “healthy” tv for the African diaspora. Thank you for your work.
— Valine
It is a show where my kids can see positive images of THEMSELVES. They see the same clothes they wear, food they eat, expressions they make. It’s very appealing and informative for them. And I don’t mind admitting that I’m glued to it too along with the kids!
— Okonkwo
Wow, you guys have made my Sunday. I am loving Bino and Fino. I was just talking to my hubby and his sisters, and my cousins about the lack of black/African cartoons and positive educational stuff for the kids. Not to mention the lack of black characters on Disney. We need to put positive educational dolls, movies, shows for our kids because many do watch a lot of TV with mom and dad working.
— V.Myers

My grandson Devin, loves Bino and Fino and knows it word for word. our new copy was recently ruined. We have ordered a new one! We think this is great! Keep up the good work and count on us to spread the word!
— A.Brewer
Wonderful educative resource for my two bi-racial children age 7 and 9. Particularly interesting, since so rare my “ Cartoon Network” generation children have the opportunity of seeing Black animated personages. Despite, having a basic command of English ( We live in France, they and I speak French as Mother language) the sense was wholeheartedly understood and appreciated.....Perhaps French on the language menu one day?

Looking forward to the next installation..
— Kevin Nyacush
My 5-month son loves to watch the Bino and Fino episode with Zina the butterfly (when Bino is sick). He gets so excited to see her along with Bino and Fino. We will be buying the dvds soon. Thank you so much for providing cartoons that reflect our diverse beauty, experience, and intellect from the African Diaspora. This is so necessary and is in demand!
— K.Nortey