Here's The Bino And Fino Cast

We reached a very important milestone in the Bino and Fino project recently. The voice recording sessions were completed for 24 new episodes were completed!

We had the pleasure of working with very talented, hard working Nigerian actors. They could have easily being dismissive of this ‘cartoon’ project like many others have been. But they were open minded and put in the extra effort to get the best out of the script and give wonderful performances.

Gold Ikponmwosa who plays ‘Dad’ said he learned about aspects of African history and enjoyed the process. That was echoed by others as well such as Elizabeth Ofuani who plays ‘Zeena’ and Evelyn Bada who plays ‘Mum’. But the learning was a two way process as we learnt from the actors as things progressed. They brought suggestions on how to bring the characters to life which added a lot and helped me with my voice directing. Many liked the fact Bino and Fino was and educational children’s show which we all felt was badly needed from this part of the world.

Special mention goes to Mrs. Ajibade who plays ‘Mama Mama’ for keeping the family together on set! And Alex who plays ‘Hippo’ for having a very very deep acting voice!

Of course there are the children who acted too! I introduced you to them in the last blog post. Glight, Victoria, Victor and Victor! The fun and energy they brought to set was wonderful.

Here’s the full cast list.

  • Fino: Glight Ofunne 
  • Bino/Aisha: Victoria Ajibade 
  • Zeena: Ofuani Elizabeth 
  • Mum: Evelyn Bada
  • Dad: Ikponmwosa Gold
  • Ms. Zainab: Lucy Agba
  • Mama Mama: Adejoke Ajibade 
  • Papa Papa: Adsewo Fayaman Bay 
  • Emeka: Victor Ajibade 
  • Kenneth: Victor Ogoh 
  • Horse/Hippo: Alex Idongesit Ekpo 
  • Ms. Ade: Blessing Onwadi 
  • Trash Man/Lolly Man: Chris Eneh  
  • Attendant/Squirrel: Emmanuel Iyukembe 


Posted on September 9, 2014 and filed under Behind the Scenes, African kids cartoon, work in progress.