The African Cartoon Show With Its Own Doll Range From Nigeria.

The Bino & Fino show has been quietly educating and entertaining children and families around the world for the since 2010. I say quietly because we've pretty much survived thanks to word of mouth. We don't have the budgets of the big guns like Disney etc. You could say we're an underdog. :-)  In 2015 we hope to take things to the next level with the release of a new DVD and a limited set of soft toys! We have been accused of being to quiet about our achievements so we're going to start blowing our own trumpet more! Everyday we get closer to our goal of having a global African children's cartoon brand that children all over the world watch that competes with the big boys. 

The Limited Plush Toy Range

Presenting the first limited set of lovely Bino & Fino Dolls. In the set are Bino, Fino and Zeena the Magical Butterfly. She's the one in the middle :-) . Fino has a wonderful African print design on her dress. If you are from West Africa you will probably recognise that design. Zeena's wonderful wings have a sewn butterfly pattern on them. 

At the time of writing the dolls are being manufactured and we expect them to be done in October and ready for shipping in November. The goal is to get them ready in time for you to have them in your hands by Christmas. We are only getting a set of 7000 done so make sure you pre-order yours to avoid disappointment.  

Bino & Fino DVD 2

Looking to teach your children about wonderful African Culture? The Bino and Fino show can help you do that. For those of you new to the show it is a one about a brother and sister who live in modern day Africa. In each episode Bino and Fino, with the help of their friend Zeena the Magic Butterfly and their family, discover and learn things about the Africa and the world. The show is for children mainly between the ages of 3 and 6. Topics covered in the show include facts about Africa, African geography, African food, the history of Africa and much more. DVD 2 contains 5 episodes of about 11 minutes each. The DVD is available in both NTSC and PAL versions. We will only be making 5000 units of each for 2015 so order yours before stocks run out. Both DVD 1 and DVD 2 currently have 5 star reviews. 

Some of The Countries We Ship To

*We are constantly adding new countries* so don't worry if you don't see yours here.  These are only some of the countries we ship to. 

Adamu Waziri