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Our 5 Favorite Bino and Fino Posts of 2015

2015 was a really awesome year. We discovered some really great things that are helping to nurture young minds. After a lot of thinking we've compiled our favorite 5 posts of 2015.

A List Of Africa Focused Children's Animation Featuring African Lead Characters.

It is no surprise that there a lack of true positive African voices in the world of children's media. What can children watch,  read or play with to learn more about the wonderful continent in a  positive genuine way? Not as some afterthought. The key words being 'genuine' ,  'educational' , 'entertaining' and 'representative' . I'm not talking about Madagascar or Lion King here.  Nothing against Disney but those movies ( or similar) are not what I'm referring  to here as they don't really represent Africa in any real way beyond just being set there. 

The Cartoon Series That Aims to Expose African Mysticism to The World

RED ORIGINS is an African animated series created by Kolanut Productions, an up and coming independent animation, comic, and game productions company. 

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Stop Asking Disney To Do What We Can Do Ourselves

Is it time to spend less energy lobbying mainstream media to be more diverse and spend much more energy creating and supporting the media you want to see?

African Cartoons Family Day

Make it a date this Sunday in London as Black History Walks in partnership with the African edutainment company Obi & Titi will be playing a double bill of the classic cartoon Kirkou .at the Phoenix Cinema.

There will be a 15 interval in between the screenings and a stall to get Obi & Titi books and items.

 For more information on the event click here

Only 5000 Bino & Fino DVDs for the US and 5000 DVDs for UK & Europe will be made this year.

This year we're going to only make 5000 DVDs for the U.S. and countries whose DVD systems are compatible with the U.S. such as Canada. We are also going to do the same for Europe and the U.K. and produce 5000. 

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Let's Create A New Black Doll For Kids This Year!

Let's create a new black doll for kids this year. Why not? We know we need more of them. Join the mission. 

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Download 20 Free Bino & Fino Colouring Pages

Here are 20 colouring pages for the kids. Get those crayons out and have fun!! :-)  And check out the cool colouring pages below. Send in your little one's and we'll put it up on the Hall of Fame :-) 

Zuri's Colouring Page

Zuri's Colouring Page

Quinn's Colouring Page

Quinn's Colouring Page

Bino & Fino fans from Kidz Biz 

Bino & Fino fans from Kidz Biz 

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