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The Schomburg Center's 2017 Black Comic Book Festival


The Schomburg Center in New York had a very interesting Black Comic Book Festival this year in January. You can watch the lively debates and panel sessions. I enjoyed many of them and they provide an insight to issues within the industry and what fans are looking for. 

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Our 5 Favorite Bino and Fino Posts of 2015

2015 was a really awesome year. We discovered some really great things that are helping to nurture young minds. After a lot of thinking we've compiled our favorite 5 posts of 2015.

Hello in 10 Different African Languages

Learn how to say hello in these African languages.

Posted on November 16, 2015 and filed under African Culture, Education, Fun Stuff.

A List of Coloring Books That Feature Black Characters

Finding activity books with black characters can sometimes be a challenge. We believe that it is important for kids to see themselves not only in their favourite shows but also in their coloring books as well.

A List of Lovable Nigerian Children's Books

Looking back now we had some amazing Nigerian children's books when growing up. Here are a couple we've selected along with some newer books that we love.

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Great African Proverbs in a Colouring Book

Colour Africa Proverbs a colouring book that beautifully depicts proverbs from different African countries. These proverbs are words of wisdom that teach kids about respect, compassion and teamwork.

The book contains 10 proverbs, each appearing in the original African language, with an English translation & a picture.

Colour Africa Proverbs is published by Colour Africa based in Cape Town, South Africa.

For more information you can contact them

You can also purchase the book from Dubaruba They deliver worldwide so check them out for stock availability.

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10 Cool Brands For Kids With Kinky & Curly Hair

Taking Care of and maintaining naturally curly and kinky hair can be a chore. To help you out we've put together a list of good products of some brands to help style, strengthen and keep your little ones hair looking luxurious and  well nourished. 

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A List of World Heritage Sites in Africa For Kids to Know

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO) has designated 129 World Heritage Sites in Africa. Here are a few of some of the most famous ones that we feel kids should know about. 

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