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The Schomburg Center's 2017 Black Comic Book Festival


The Schomburg Center in New York had a very interesting Black Comic Book Festival this year in January. You can watch the lively debates and panel sessions. I enjoyed many of them and they provide an insight to issues within the industry and what fans are looking for. 

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5 Top Instagram Accounts on Life in Africa to Follow

Instagram is an awesome way to share experiences and moments in time. We've pulled together some of our favourite Instagram accounts that depicts life all across Africa

Dynamic Africa

African based media platform that provides information and stories that shows the day to day experience of people of the Africa Diaspora. 

Check out Africa 

CheckoutAfrica intends to promote the culture, fashion, entertainment, travel diaries, lifestyle and talent development of beautiful Africa.

Taste For Africa 

Taste of Africa revolves around a food truck that tours different parts of Africa giving away food to people in different local communities.

Everyday Africa

Everyday Africa is a collective of photographers that seeks to represent an authentic depiction of daily every day life across the African continent.

Africa Show Boy 

Photographer, blogger and poet Nana Kofi Acquah weaves an elaborate picture of life in Ghana through his camera lens.

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Our 5 Favorite Bino and Fino Posts of 2015

2015 was a really awesome year. We discovered some really great things that are helping to nurture young minds. After a lot of thinking we've compiled our favorite 5 posts of 2015.

Hello in 10 Different African Languages

Learn how to say hello in these African languages.

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Afro Colombian Kids Cartoon Show Hits Brazilian TV

Introducing a new fun educational children's program from Colombia. Meet Guilhermina and Candelario! The siblings live on the shores of a beach in their grandparents's house, spending their days playing, discovering new things,  and finding creative solutions to problems. Though the show is from Colombia it has received massive support from families in Brazil, as there is very few Brazilian cartoon shows with black leading characters. 


The show can now be watched on the  Hora da Criança  (Children's Hour) , which airs on Monday to Saturday morning on TV Brasil. 

Here is what some kids had to say about the show at a launch in Salvador.

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The Biggest Black Doll Expo in Michigan

The Detroit Doll Show is an annual event held to showcase the works of black doll makers nationwide. The host of the event Sandra Epps believes that it is important for women and black children  to see themselves in the products they use. This helps them develop better cognitive, and self-help skills, including boosting their self-esteem.

For more information about the event click here

You can also check her blog here

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I Love African Music! A List of Musicians & Artists

After the positive response from our last post titled "African Musicians You Should Listen To", we decided to compile a list of musicians from Africa that we love. Each of these artists have put Africa on the world map with their music . We hope you enjoy it!

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A List of Lovable Nigerian Children's Books

Looking back now we had some amazing Nigerian children's books when growing up. Here are a couple we've selected along with some newer books that we love.

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