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The Schomburg Center's 2017 Black Comic Book Festival


The Schomburg Center in New York had a very interesting Black Comic Book Festival this year in January. You can watch the lively debates and panel sessions. I enjoyed many of them and they provide an insight to issues within the industry and what fans are looking for. 

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The Nigerian Brothers Who Have Built A Mobile Browser Faster Than Google!

© Urban Intellectuals

© Urban Intellectuals

13 and 15 year old brothers Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime are becoming some what of an on-line sensation. The Nigerian brother have built a faster mobile browser to Google in a bid to create a faster mobile browsing experience.

They attend Greensprings , a prestigious school based in Lagos, Nigeria. When they are not busy coding, the are playing football and hanging out with friends  just like most normal teenagers. 

As young as 7 years old, the boys have always had a passion for technology. The dynamic duo dream to build a better browser for low end feature phones for developing countries in Africa.

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The Biggest Natural Hair Event in The Netherlands

Make it a date this Sunday with the Natural Hair Club NL, as they once again organize the biggest natural hair event in The Netherlands, 'Locked & Loose'. There will be tutorials, workshops and a market too :) 

For further information on booking you can check out their website here

Don't miss it! 

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The Barber Who Gets Kids Reading With Free Haircuts

 We always love to hear inspirational stories of people giving back to their local community. Here is one such example. Meet  Courtney Holmes. Courtney is a barber in Dubuque, Iowa that has  been giving free haircuts to children in his local community in exchange that they read books to him.  The story is is gradually  going viral and is generating a lot of press for the community who are helping families prepare for the upcoming school year.

To read the full article go here

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The Nigerian Student Who Solved a 30 Year Old Math Puzzle

It always puts a smile on the face when you come across stories of young black and African students who are internationally recognized for their ingenuity. Here is one such example about a Nigerian student called Ufot Ukong. He's been breaking the internet and for all the good reasons. 

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A Walk For Change

A man is making headlines in Nigeria by trekking from Lagos to Abuaj. 33 year old Suleman Hashimu made a promise two years go to make the journey should Muhammadu Buhari win the 2015 election. 

This is no small feat. Lagos to Abuja is 746.5km, which is a 9 hours and 2 minutes drive. After 13 days of trekking, Suleman has worn out five pairs of shoes. Along his journey he has been received by traditional rulers and scores of well wishers providing  him food and water.

Arriving at the capital shortly yesterday he was given a rousing welcome by those who have heard about his journey. Let's hope he takes a few days off for some well deserved rest!

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South African Airways Screens Bino and Fino

South African Airlines has been screening Bino and Fino for over half a year now on several routes. A good friend of the show, 

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Bino & Fino On Arise News

A great still of Adamu Waziri with the lovely Juliette Foster on Arise News discussing about Bino & Fino and the importance for African children to have their own animated cartoon shows. We will put up the interview as soon as it becomes available:) 

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