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The Filmmaker That is Connecting The Stories of The Africa Diaspora

Cecil Emeke is a young British Filmmaker making waves on the Internet with her ground breaking work. Her documentary series 'strolling', is a discussion between young black people in the UK about the socio-political issues affecting them and others in the Africa Diaspora. 

She has already done several episodes in France and the Netherlands. Her vision is to carry Strolling to many other countries around the world that have a huge African diaspora so as to bring their stories to light. 

Check out here interview in the New York Post here

To find out more on how you can support her incredibly work visit her website

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A List Of Africa Focused Children's Animation Featuring African Lead Characters.

It is no surprise that there a lack of true positive African voices in the world of children's media. What can children watch,  read or play with to learn more about the wonderful continent in a  positive genuine way? Not as some afterthought. The key words being 'genuine' ,  'educational' , 'entertaining' and 'representative' . I'm not talking about Madagascar or Lion King here.  Nothing against Disney but those movies ( or similar) are not what I'm referring  to here as they don't really represent Africa in any real way beyond just being set there. 

A List of Blogs By Mothers Living In Africa

Curious about the lives of mothers living in different cities in Africa? We definitely are. Here is a list of blogs by mothers living in Africa. Some of them are Africans whilst others are expats who are usually married to Africans.

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Educator Gives Powerful Speech on Black Hair & Diversity

Here at Bino & Fino we strive to provide content and information to help nurture young black & African minds.  Educator and mother Ama Karikari Yawson shares the same vision. She delivered a powerful speech at a TEDx event in June where she discussed the dangers of hair conformity & hair bullying in schools as a way of stifling personal development of black students during a period of rapid technological & culture change. 

You can check out the video below.

You can also get her wonderful book Sunne's Gift at Amazon.

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A list of African Artists To Inspire Kids To Do Art

Art is usually the perfect medium to get kids expressing their creative juices at an early age. Studies have show that kids that do art are better equipped at problem solving and thinking outside of the box   Here is a list of African artists we discovered who are making great art pieces. 

Oluseye Ogunlesi, Nigeria

Aboudia, Ivory Coast 

Julie Mehretu, Ethiopia 

Boris Nzebo, Cameroon 

Bibi, Nigeria 

Gonçalo Mabunda, Mozambique 

Billie Zangewa, South Africa 

Vitshois Mwilambwe , Congo

Cheikh Ndiaye, Ivory Coast 

Nana Nyan Acquah, Ghana 

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Child Care Centers, Children Clubs, Museums & Schools in the U.K. & Europe That Teach Kids About Africa

Carrying on from the post listing Child Care Centers, Children & Clubs, Museums & Schools in  in the U.S.  That Teach Kids About Africa  we've decided to make a separate list of organizations in Europe that do the same. Support these organisations if you can because many of them are doing some very tough unappreciated work. 

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Lost Kingdoms of Africa

Lost Kingdoms of Africa, documents the journey of art historian Dr. Gus Casley  - Hayford to discover the mysterious hidden culture of pre-colonial Africa. He covers four of Africa's most important kingdoms located in Ethiopia, Benin, Zimbabwe, and Sudan.

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Disciplining Other People's Kids. Right or Wrong?

Is it right to hit another person's child as a form of discipline?

'The Slap' a new drama on NBC about the fall-out of two families after a parent slaps someone else's child has reignited  the debate.

Denene Miller, the creator of MyBrownBaby, a parenting website, took part in a four panel discussion on NBC and recently wrote an article about her personal opinions on the issue.

For the interview and her article on the topic click here

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