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Bino & Fino Comes To DISCOP Africa!

Hi everyone! We've had a wonderful few days in Johannesburg selling Bino & Fino to the world at Africa's largest TV market DISCOP Africa.

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"I Hate Blue!"
Here's The Bino And Fino Cast

We reached a very important milestone in the Bino and Fino project recently. The voice recording sessions were completed for 24 new episodes were completed! We had the pleasure of working with very talented, hard working Nigerian actors. They could have easily being dismissive of this ‘cartoon’ project like many others have been. But they were open minded and put in the extra effort to get the best out of the script and give wonderful performances.

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Meet Bino and Fino's Teacher!
Bino and Fino New Episodes Work In Progress #2

Finally here it is! The 1st screen test from the new season of Bino and Fino. Work on the new episodes of Bino and Fino is progressing well. Unfortunately with animation, it takes a while before you can have something to show. This clip shows their new living room.

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Bino and Fino New Episodes Work In Progress #1

Bino and Fino's Bedroom.Bino and Fino's classroom

Here are pictures showing work in progress on the new episodes of the show. We’re excited with the

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Bino and Fino's New Look

Click for a larger version of the picture

Hi all. Here is an image of the general design direction of the new Bino and Fino episodes. There is still more work to be done regarding locking down the look and getting it to a particular standard. We’ve experimented with different visual styles but

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We're Getting Close...