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The Great Wall Of Benin

Bino & Fino will be visiting the ancient Benin Kingdom. Did you know that the Benin Wall in the great ancient Benin Kingdom was longer than the Great Wall of China? It was one of the longest structures ever built by man. We’re going to explore this bit of knowledge in one of the new episodes.  Stay tuned! 

Meet The New Voices Of Bino And Fino

For the new season of Bino and Fino we decided we should investigate using child actors to voice the parts. In theory it’s a good idea. However, working with children, I have to admit, scared us. You see, we have a tight deadline and equally tight budget. Every step of this project is uncharted territory for us as a small team. So yes, the thought of working with children scared us. But we decided to have auditions anyway to test the waters.

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Bino and Fino - Mama Mama's Soup Episode

 Enjoy this episode with the kids! Buy the Bino and Fino DVD right here. 

Meet the Parents

Well it’s been a few weeks since we launched Bino and Fino. It has been very hectic. The best thing so far is having the opportunity to meet parents and kids in person. I am currently in London and we have had several screenings of the Bino and fino cartoon. One was a cinema screening of Bino and Fino as part of the Images of Black Women Film Festival which was a great event. It was arranged by Tony Warner of Black History Walks with the founder of the festival Sylviane Rano as part of an African animation Forum. They also showed the wonderful Cuban inspired animation Chico and Rita. I was able to meet parents and children. They received the episode of Bino and Fino they saw very well. They even gave it a little round of applause! J I’ve always known that there’s a market for well made African cartoons for kids. Why wouldn’t there be? But it’s always nice to see it confirmed face to face by kids and parents.

1 More Day and a New African Cartoon Family is Born!


One more day to go until Bino and Fino goes on sale online! We’re really excited about it and can’t wait for your kids to get their hands on the new episodes showing these great new African cartoon characters.

We're Getting Close...

Here's an update about what stage we are on the production of the Bino and Fino African Cartoon DVD.

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