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Mummy From Bino & Fino Spreading Love & Knowledge:)

Look out for mummy as she will be spreading lots of love and teaching Bino and Fino a few things in episode 1 of the new season.  We can't wait! 

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9 Recommended African Cartoons For The Kids

With the animation sector set to rise in Africa there is definitely a thirst for children cartoon shows that reflect the African perspective. This movement is real and will be pivotal in shaping the hearts and minds of African children. 

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Here's The Bino And Fino Cast

We reached a very important milestone in the Bino and Fino project recently. The voice recording sessions were completed for 24 new episodes were completed! We had the pleasure of working with very talented, hard working Nigerian actors. They could have easily being dismissive of this ‘cartoon’ project like many others have been. But they were open minded and put in the extra effort to get the best out of the script and give wonderful performances.

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Meet The New Voices Of Bino And Fino

For the new season of Bino and Fino we decided we should investigate using child actors to voice the parts. In theory it’s a good idea. However, working with children, I have to admit, scared us. You see, we have a tight deadline and equally tight budget. Every step of this project is uncharted territory for us as a small team. So yes, the thought of working with children scared us. But we decided to have auditions anyway to test the waters.

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The New Bino and Fino Voices
Why Are We Making Bino And Fino ?