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A List of African Food Blogs & Websites With Recipes

If you are a lover of Nigerian food then you most check out All Nigerian Recipes and Food. Started by Flo Madubkie, a Nigerian food-o-holic, the website offers authentic Nigerian recipes, from dishes to snacks, and everything in-between that is tasty.   Check out her Youtube channel as she gives a step-by step tutorial on how to make these yummy dishes. 

The Attorney That Is Bringing Racial Diversity To Children's Entertainment

You know that saying that variety is the spice of life? Well one attorney is really taking the meaning to the next level.  Meet Kya Johnson, an attorney, who became an entrepreneur, that is bringing diversity to children's programming. 

She  launched her online entertainment channel RainbowMe in 2014 to tackle the lack of programs that had children of ethnic minorities who were the lead characters. 

Here is an excerpt from a feature in The Business Journal:

Racially diverse children from African-American, Latino and Asian backgrounds now make up nearly half the population of 60 million U.S. children under age 12. Yet fewer than 10 percent of entertainment programs directed at children feature protagonists of color, Johnson said.

The more Johnson researched the impact of homogenous programming on children, the more she felt that something needed to be done.

“Kids of color who watch lots of TV develop lower self-esteem because they’re not seeing positive reflections of themselves,” Johnson told the Triad Business Journal. “We want kids to learn about each other, and themselves.”

RainbowMe’s site features cartoons, books and games with boys and girls of color as lead characters. Johnson hopes to include content featuring disabled children in the future.

You can read the full article  here and get to know more about the channel at their website.

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How To Tie A Nigerian Gele Head Wrap

The Gele is a tall elegant head piece worn by women from Nigeria. Though originally worn  by women  from the Yoruba tribe it has become a popular fashion accessory for all women across the country and a must have for social functions .

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Reasons Why Mothers Are So Awesome

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So last Sunday was Mothering Sunday. A time to call and visit your mum with lovely presents to show how much you love her. Being a mother is certainly not easy. In fact, it's super tough! Mothers take care of us when we are babies, nurture us when we are kids, and deal with our mood swings when we hit puberty. Safe to say: it's a very exhausting job. 

Here are a few reasons why mothers are so special.

Reason 1: No matter how busy she is, she will always have time for you

Reason 2: She can wash your really dirty clothes and make them look brand new!

Reason 3: Even a last minute school project can be a success because of your mum.

Reason 4: She will always want to feed you her home cooked dishes!

Reason 5: She will always remember your birthday :) 

Reason 6: When something  bad happens to you , your mum's hug is all you need to feel better.


To celebrate these wonderful ladies in our lives, I've picked an African hit song from the 70s by Prince Nico Mbarga called 'Sweet Mother'. It's ubiquitous influence is felt all across Africa and is usually played at weddings and social occasions.

So take a bow, ladies. We appreciate and love you very much.

Have a great week everyone!

- Ibrahim


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Gabby's Bows. Barrettes That Work!

Our Kidprenuer for the week is Gabrielle, the seven year old co-creator of Gabby’s Bows. Her story starts with a promise that her mother made that she will get her a set of barrettes. However Gabrielle’s mum could not find any that were effective. This is what usually leads to moms having to using rubber bands for the barrettes to work. Frustrated with the lack of functional barrettes Gabrielle and her mother took up the task of solving the problem. With patience and hard work they gradually come up with a double faced double snap barrette engineered to prevent slippage which is great for those pigtail tails, braids and twists. Now that is what we call team work!

 Read their inspirational story here.



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Knitting With The Kids

Knitting with the little ones can be a very fun way to get their creative juices flowing.  Darcel the writer of The Mahogany Way has a very lovely story about her knitting session with her children here.

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Back To School Tips & Essentials

The dreaded back to school shopping trip. Most parents fear it mostly for the stress bumps it can leave you with. So much choice and so little time!  Luckily, Sheena Tatum, a parent with a bohemian heart, has written an article on her blog Sophistishe to help demystify the whole process, making your next back to school shopping run an enjoyable one.

Check it out here.

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This Young Lady Is Fierce!

Meet Terra the Bgirl! One young lady you wouldn't want to face in a dance contest. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into getting this good! Time to dust off those old breakdancing trainers. This goes to show that you are never too young or too old to learn and excel if you have the will and opportunity.


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