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A List Of Africa Focused Children's Animation Featuring African Lead Characters.

It is no surprise that there a lack of true positive African voices in the world of children's media. What can children watch,  read or play with to learn more about the wonderful continent in a  positive genuine way? Not as some afterthought. The key words being 'genuine' ,  'educational' , 'entertaining' and 'representative' . I'm not talking about Madagascar or Lion King here.  Nothing against Disney but those movies ( or similar) are not what I'm referring  to here as they don't really represent Africa in any real way beyond just being set there. 

Breathtaking Views of Capital Cities of Different Countries in Africa

Dakar, Senegal 

© Flickr User Jeff Attaway

© Flickr User Jeff Attaway

Abijan, Ivory Coast 

© Constative

© Constative

Gaborone, Botswana 

© Skyscraper City

© Skyscraper City

Abuja, Nigeria 

©  Hidden Nuances

© Hidden Nuances

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania  

©  Visit World Places

© Visit World Places

Luanda, Angola 

©  Migual Costa Photography

© Migual Costa Photography

Pretoria, South Africa 



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

©  Buzz Kenya

© Buzz Kenya

Tunis, Tunisia 

©  Panramio

© Panramio

Accra, Ghana

©  Visit World Places

© Visit World Places

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Great Kids Apps to Learn About African Culture

Asa Games - Yoruba 101 

My tichaa 

Dream Africa 


Speak Yoruba 

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18 Beautiful Images From Diffrent African Festivals

Here are some stunning pictures of cultural festivals celebrated in different African countries.

12 African On-Line TV Stations & Movie Channels to Watch

Looking for online African movie channels and television stations? Well, as internet speeds get faster on the continent there are a few dedicated online stations that stream television shows and movies from countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and many more. 

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The Pop Up Store Event That is Bringing African Food & Culture to The UK.

If you are in the UK and are looking for the ultimate African market experience, then look no further then Pop Up Africa!

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A List of World Heritage Sites in Africa For Kids to Know

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO) has designated 129 World Heritage Sites in Africa. Here are a few of some of the most famous ones that we feel kids should know about. 

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African Cartoons Family Day

Make it a date this Sunday in London as Black History Walks in partnership with the African edutainment company Obi & Titi will be playing a double bill of the classic cartoon Kirkou .at the Phoenix Cinema.

There will be a 15 interval in between the screenings and a stall to get Obi & Titi books and items.

 For more information on the event click here