1 More Day and a New African Cartoon Family is Born!


One more day to go until Bino and Fino goes on sale online! We’re really excited about it and can’t wait for your kids to get their hands on the new episodes showing these great new African cartoon characters.

The ironic thing is that it’s proving easier to set up distribution of an African made cartoon for children outside of Africa. The cartoon shows a positive non-stereotypical view of Africa so we want to get as many kids as possible to watch it. We’re working hard behind the scene to make sure families in countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya have easy access to Bino and Fino so children can get to watch it. It’s a real challenge for a small company like ours. Some television stations are also playing hardball. That’s another story which I’ll go into probably in my next post. For now I want to keep things in a light happy mood and celebrate the fact we’re going to start getting the cartoon out there to kids and parents out there.