Bino & Fino on the BBC Big Screens

Bino and Fino are coming to a Big Screen near you! Well if you are in the UK at least. Bino and Fino will be as part of the Africa in Motion film festival. The festival will be shown on the BBC Big screens at 19 sites across the UK. So you’ll get to see Fino’s afro puffs in mega widescreen on your way to Tesco’s! UK fans will get that. :- Screenings will be 10am, 2pm & 7pm daily (except when there are special screenings or events) . Bino & Fino will be in there somewhere.

Here’s more info about BBC Big Screens.

‘Big Screens bring 23 communities across the UK to life. The Big Screens are brought to you by the BBC and UK local authorities.

They are a destination for news, live coverage of BBC sport and music events, highlights of BBC programmes plus an ever-changing selection of local and national digital work and a full programme of locally run community, sporting and cultural events.’

This picture is a mock up by the way we did in the studio for fun.

Posted on October 23, 2012 .