The Pinky And The Brain School Nigeria

Nigeria throws up some interesting things every now and then. One such case of this is a school in Dutse, Abuja called the ‘Pinky and The Brain School’. That’s right ‘Pinky and the Brain ‘from the cartoon show. Above is a clip from the cartoon for those who don’t know it.  

The school has been around for about 12 years. It’s not to say that the idea doesn’t scream cute. Most kids would consider it a dream to have their school named after their favourite cartoon show. I know I would have. Actually I probably would have preferred the Voltron school or the Tom and Jerry school.

I just love the fact that the owners just went ahead and did it. I know they didn’t get in touch with Warner Brothers to get a licence to do so. They probably named themselves after the maniacal duo because they thought it was cute and that the kids would love it enabling them to learn more. The school even has an anthem which praises God and their mice mascots. We kid you not. Here it is. 

‘We are the children of Pinky and the Brain, Children growing in wisdom, age and grace.
We lift our voices to thank God; the giver of life.
Shout it out, far and wide,
Pinky and the Brain first among equal,
Pinky and the Brain, the flag bearer, for others to follow.’

I'm sure the staff have the best interests of their children at heart. I just hope Warner Brothers don’t come after them with a team of heavy lawyers. Maybe we can convince them to name it the Bino and Fino School instead!