Corey's Cookies Meets Ellen

Just when the week couldn’t get more interesting. Check out this video below that our friends at BrownBoyGenius shared on their page. It’s an interview with Ellen and Mr. Corey – a nine year old that is making waves in the US with his chocolate chip cookies business called Cory’s Cookies.

With his insatiable sweet tooth (which I can strongly relate with) and entrepreneurial spirit Corey embarked on pursuing his passion for food. His tasty cookies are all natural – an amazing selling point – made from high quality ingredients - love the most important of all.

Corey hopes one day that he will realise his dream of going to Princeton University. They would be lucky to have this business savvy cookie monster :) 

Eyeball his treats on Instagram here too.


Posted on September 18, 2014 and filed under Food, News.