22 Popular African Names for Babies

Naming children is an important and special moment in a parents life. Here are a couple of lovely names from different African countries that we hope you like :) 

South Africa

Karabo (m/f) Means "answer" in Setswana.

Mandla (m) Means "power" in Zulu.

Lerato (f) Means "love" in Sotho.

Nobuhle (f) Means "the beautiful one" in Zulu.

Sipho (m) Means "gift" in Xhosa.


Abena (f) Means "born on tuesday" in Akan.

Edem (m/f) Means "god redeemed me" in Ewe.

Kwame (m) Means " male child born on Saturday" in Akan.

Anidaso (f) Means "expectation" in Ashanti.

Kofi (m) Means "male child born on Friday" in Akan.



Babajide (m) Means "father has returned" in Yoruba.

Adamma (f) Means "fine daughter" in Igbo.

Murna (f) Means "joy" in Hausa.

Chika (m) Means "God is great" in Igbo.

Tari (m/f) Means "Love" in Ijaw. 

Adefunke (f) Means "the king gave me this child to spoil" in Yoruba.



Atieno (f) Means "born at night" in Luo.

Chiumbo (m) Means "a little creation" in Mwera.

Mumbe (f) Means "beautiful" in Kamba. 

Mwara (f) means "the clever one" in Kikuyu.

Kamau (m) Means "the silent warrior in Kikuyu.

Kasyoka (f) Means " a dear family member that has been reborn" in Kamba.

Wanyanga (m) Means "the name of the preserved" in Luo.

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