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Mummy From Bino & Fino Spreading Love & Knowledge:)

Look out for mummy as she will be spreading lots of love and teaching Bino and Fino a few things in episode 1 of the new season.  We can't wait! 

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A New Kids Cartoon Set In Africa ?.....Wonderful!

Here's the latest teaser/visual test for Bino and Fino. Let us know what you think of the visual design.
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Bino and Fino-Exclusive First look

This is the first animated test we did to see how the characters worked. It was also done to give us an early idea of how the general background visual design would look.
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Introducing Bino and Fino

Here they are. The stars of the show!


 Bino and Fino are twins. Fino is a girl and Bino is a boy. Fino loves adventure. She is always bursting to dash outdoors in search of something to discover and do. Of course she’s never too far away from

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