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Reactions & Thoughts....

The reaction to the release of our cartoon has really been a pleasant surprise. First of all thank you to everyone who has taken the time to talk to us and give us their feedback here, our Facebook page and calling us and passing by our studios.
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The 1st Pilot Episode


Here’s the video of Bino & Fino, an African cartoon for children. We produced it in house at EVCL in Nigeria. Tell us what you think.

This episode focuses on the idea of 2010 being an important year in Africa’s history as many countries are celebrating their 50th year of independence from colonial rule. To be honest this, subject matter is a bit heavier than those that will be handled in the episodes on the DVD. We just saw a rare opportunity to address an important historic African event in a children’s cartoon format. It’s definitely not a topic Disney would handle! That’s the beauty of being able to tell one’s own stories.
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Africa's Latest Cartoon Launches!

A new cartoon made in Nigeria for Africa and the rest of the world Africa's New Cartoon Family

The first episode of Bino & Fino, Africa’s latest cartoon family,  is going to be screened online this Thursday. We are also planning an interactive Facebook session with Bino & Fino creator, Adamu Waziri, on the Bino & Fino Facebook Fanpage. You can join by clicking the Bino & Fino Facebook badge at the right of this blog or you can go to this link. We will also post up the video here on the blog but Facebook will give you a more interactive experience on Thursday if you want to leave comments.
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Too Many Blacks on Children's TV!! Are You Serious?

Here’s a forum thread we came across recently regarding race and television.  .Now, it’s nothing new but that’s the problem. The people having this debate are students who are probably between 20 and 25 on average. This just happens to be in the UK but it could be in many other countries. Now compare the attitudes in this debate to the spirit the children in our Fun Stuff section ( /fun-stuff/  )are showing. At EVCL, we see multi cultural children’s TV as very crucial especially in this day and age of increased media consumption. We're about being inclusive and not splitting down racial lines. There's too much good stuff around.

We grew up watching Japanese Speed Racer and Voltron cartoons and Sesame Street, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Pink Panther, Flintstones from the US with Danger Mouse and Postman Pat from the UK and loved them all! So what’s wrong with adding some TV shows that are just as fun and educational but also show the world from a black African perspective? Is that so scary? Really?
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Paint Our Blog!!!!

Finger painting!-Photo by Flaivoloka

We love drawing! That’s why we do cartoons and animations. Our parents used to complain when we used to draw over anything in the house. Now your children can show their talents to the world by drawing on our website and Youtube channel!! Send in any scanned paintings or drawings to our email We’ll then put them up as the backgrounds to our website and Youtube channel. It’s that simple!

Oh yeah, when we say children we mean those in preschool and Kindergarten. Don’t try and sneak in your own paintings!
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