The New Bino and Fino Voices

We had auditions for the roles of Bino and Fino last week. It definitely was an interesting process as we had never done anything like this before. For the first Bino and Fino episodes back in 2010 we used adults entirely. This time around we decided we were going to use actors that were children. You just get something different because they bring a totally new perspective to the table. They also have an energy, which children relate to better that is difficult to replicate for an adult. 

I have to admit that I am scared about working with kids. You know that saying in Hollywood about not working with kids and animals. We have a limited time to deliver as the deadline gets close. However I’m hoping the experience will be a great one for us and that the children will take the characters of Bino and Fino to the next level. 

We aim to start voice recording sessions next week if all goes well.  Wish us and the children luck ! :-) 


Posted on August 19, 2014 and filed under Behind the Scenes, African kids cartoon.