Gabby's Bows. Barrettes That Work!

Our Kidprenuer for the week is Gabrielle, the seven year old co-creator of Gabby’s Bows. Her story starts with a promise that her mother made that she will get her a set of barrettes. However Gabrielle’s mum could not find any that were effective. This is what usually leads to moms having to using rubber bands for the barrettes to work. Frustrated with the lack of functional barrettes Gabrielle and her mother took up the task of solving the problem. With patience and hard work they gradually come up with a double faced double snap barrette engineered to prevent slippage which is great for those pigtail tails, braids and twists. Now that is what we call team work!

 Read their inspirational story here.



Posted on September 25, 2014 and filed under Daughters, Mothers, Useful Lists, Fun Stuff.