African Cities Greeting Cards

Hi guys! I found this really cute design company based in Nairobi and London called Asilia. They have recently launched a new series of cards called 'African Cities'. These set of hand drawn cards are inspired by landmarks and several aspects of African culture,  ideal for just about any occasion you can think of.

"Here is an excerpt from the creative Director, Lulu Kitololo, on what inspired her to create the card series:

Growing up in Kenya, I didn’t experience one white Christmas and yet, the cards my family exchanged with others depicted snowy landscapes, reindeer and other icons rooted in traditions and places far from our context. 

It is my mission to create an alternative for those of us who grew up in the tropics – and for those who are sending seasonal greetings to people where the weather is warmer."

For more information you can check out their shop here

Happy Weekend!

- Ibrahim