Soft Toys & Action Figures for Black Boys

Hey all. We know how difficult it can be to find soft toys & action figures for black boys. With everything going,  It's become more  important for young boys to have a selection of toys that inspire and represent them in positive light. To help you score points with your little one, we've put together an interesting list of soft toys and black action figures to purchase.

Mochaboy , Afro Dolls


Mocha boy is the creation of multicultural doll makers Aisha & Co. He is the astrophysicist of the Ishababies family of soft toys and is super cuddly.

Morpheus Action Figure, Matrix 

One of the most enigmatic characters from the sci-fi franchise called the Matrix, Morpheus is a must have. This limited edition figurine comes with a chair and a table with a phone. How cool is that?

Green Latern Jonn Stewart 

John Stewart is a fictional comic book superhero known as Green Lantern, in an ongoing series published by DC. He is better known as one of the members of the popular cartoon show from DC called Justice League.

Tiny Baby Black Boy Doll, PattyCake  Dolls

The 'Tiny Baby' doll line is a toy line based in Spain. A favourite of doll stockist, Patty Cake, they also do a black boy doll in  their range.  This Tiny Baby doll is dressed up in an African inspired fabric similar to kente fabric found in Ghana - slacks, shirt and matching cap too.

Mace Windu (Hasbro)

Mace Windu is a character out of the Star Wars: Clone Wars movie franchise. Played fantastically by Samuel L. Jackson, his toy has a unique light saber that has never been used before and became the first ever prequel figure to be released.


History In Action (HIA) Toys is a black toy making company that creates action figures based on real black American heroes. Their goal is to inspire children to live their own superhero adventures.

G.I. Joe: Road Block Action Figure 

It’s been 25 years since G.I. Joe the cartoon came out. Their action figures where the stuff of legend. I should know, I had a whole heap of them. Road Block was and is still the most sort after black action figure character from the series. His tough persona was always tempered with his need to speak in rhyme no matter the situation. 

Black Muslim Baby Doll, Patty Cake 

Another black boy doll from Patty Cake Dolls. this time depicting a black muslim baby doll. This adorable little one comes with a kufti  and kaftan outfit. I know a lot of parents who would be thrilled to discover these dolls are available.  

Black Panther Action Figure 

Standing the test of time, Black Panther is still one of the most sort after black action figures. Black Panther (T’challa) is the fictional superhero that appears in the publications of Marvel Comics. The Black Panther is the ceremonial title given to the chief of the Panther Tribe of the advanced African nation of Wakanda.

Static Shock

Static is an awesome fictional superhero character from DC Comics that fights neighborhood crime with his powers over electricity. 

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