Child Care Centers, Children Clubs, Museums & Schools in the U.K. & Europe That Teach Kids About Africa

Carrying on from the post listing Child Care Centers, Children & Clubs, Museums & Schools in  in the U.S.  That Teach Kids About Africa  we've decided to make a separate list of organizations in Europe that do the same. Support these organisations if you can because many of them are doing some very tough unappreciated work. 

This is not a definitive list but we are hoping that with your help we can add more organizations to the list to help make it a better resources for parents. We will do our best to keep the PDF up to date. Every time we update the download version we will email it to those who sign up for the download. 

Watoto Malmo, Sweden

Watoto Malmo is an African center for children of African origin to come and learn about Africa & its diaspora. Their mission is to nurture a positive learning environment. Group leaders who organise activities are seen as visible positive role models that children can identify with and build on their self esteem. All activities are in Swedish and the classes are for free. 

Pour Une Meilluer Afrique, France

A french based African culture center in Paris that allows young children to discover the wealth of African art and heritage using different forms of expression such as dance,  animation and interactive games. I have to give them a shout out because they're big friends of Bino & Fino. 

Black History Studies, UK

Black History Studies is a well respected African educational institute based in London, UK. They are dedicated to empowering black communities through knowledge of black history & heritage to build a strong sense of self knowledge and unity in the community. 

They hold various seminars, talks and offer a variety of courses including a family program to help parents to develop a better understanding of how to extend their children's learning at home.

CAK, Norway

Every Saturday from 2 to 6pm the Centre for African Culture in Bislett organize a fun workshop for the whole family with activities such as theatre, tribal face painting, hair plaiting, drumming and dancing. 

Tales From Motherland, Germany

Tales From Motherland is a children's event organized by Afrobizgermany, a media organization based in Berlin, Germany. It's a fun filled event educating children about African tradition and culture. The kids also get to eat yummy Nigerian food too! 

ERIF, Netherlands 

ERIF known as the European Race & Imagery Foundation is an institute combating negative represenation of people of black and African heritage in the media. They hold seminars and events for both adults and kids. Their resource page on their website helps to assist parents looking for positive content for black children. 

Power Sound Production, Switzerland 

Power Sound Production is the brain child of John Kofi Donkor and his wife Nadja Donkor. John offers a variety of course in African music, percusssion, rhythm games, dance, drama, cooking and story telling! The programs are made for children and adults so everyone can have fun.

Afrikultur, Sweden

Afrikultur is an association that works to spread information in Sweden about various 
art and cultural expression of cultural creators from Africa and its diaspora. 
They organize festivals, workshops, and events for families as well. 

Viva Africa Cultural Development Foundation, Scotland

VACDF is a charity organisation in Glasgow  aiming to stimulate positive interest in creative performances (Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Storytelling) of African origin among youths and other interest group in Scotland.

Afro-German Play Group Berlin, Germany

The Afro German Play Group Berlin is a center for Afro-German families to celebrate their diversity and connection with the Africa diaspora. The group was formed by a mother who wanted her daughter to have contact with other Afro-German children. The group has grown to become one of the biggest play groups in Berlin. Children in the play group take part in story telling exercises, African drumming and other creative activities. 

AfrosvensKarnas, Sweden

Afrosvenskarnas is a Afro-Swedish organisation dedicated to increasing the visibility of Afro-Swedes living in Sweden. They organise various events including programs for children to participate in such as African storytelling, face-painting and other fun activities. 

El Templo Afro, Spain

El Templo Afro which means 'The Afro Temple' in English, is an Afrocentric organization in South Patio, Spain. They organize cultural workshops and programs on African culture and traditions.

NABSS London

Nia who runs the NABSS is one of those unsung heroes that just gets on with it. I don't know him very well and I've only met him once but I think the NABSS is a very powerful resource. NABSS stands for National Association of Black Supplementary Schools. It's directory of schools is a little treasure trove. 

Black History Walks London

Black History Walks is run by Tony Warner. Tony was one of the people that helped show Bino & Fino to a London audience years ago. He runs Black History Walks. Black Hiistory Walks runs guided tours of London from a black (African) perspective. Black history movies and rare documentaries and talks are also hosted once a month in the London area.

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