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A List Of Africa Focused Children's Animation Featuring African Lead Characters.

It is no surprise that there a lack of true positive African voices in the world of children's media. What can children watch,  read or play with to learn more about the wonderful continent in a  positive genuine way? Not as some afterthought. The key words being 'genuine' ,  'educational' , 'entertaining' and 'representative' . I'm not talking about Madagascar or Lion King here.  Nothing against Disney but those movies ( or similar) are not what I'm referring  to here as they don't really represent Africa in any real way beyond just being set there. 

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A List of Blogs By Mothers Living In Africa

Curious about the lives of mothers living in different cities in Africa? We definitely are. Here is a list of blogs by mothers living in Africa. Some of them are Africans whilst others are expats who are usually married to Africans.

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Educator Gives Powerful Speech on Black Hair & Diversity
Child Care Centers, Children Clubs, Museums & Schools in the U.K. & Europe That Teach Kids About Africa

Carrying on from the post listing Child Care Centers, Children & Clubs, Museums & Schools in  in the U.S.  That Teach Kids About Africa  we've decided to make a separate list of organizations in Europe that do the same. Support these organisations if you can because many of them are doing some very tough unappreciated work. 

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Lost Kingdoms of Africa

Lost Kingdoms of Africa, documents the journey of art historian Dr. Gus Casley  - Hayford to discover the mysterious hidden culture of pre-colonial Africa. He covers four of Africa's most important kingdoms located in Ethiopia, Benin, Zimbabwe, and Sudan.

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