A List of African Food Blogs & Websites With Recipes

Like many things about Africa, African cuisine is incredibly diverse. There are a hundred and 101 blogs on African food but very few are comprehensive and offer a wide selection of recipes to learn from.

So. After much digging we present to you our list of African foodies who are showcasing the very best of dishes from across the continent and helping you learn how to cook them. We will keep on updating as we find more blogs :) 

All Nigerian Recipes & Food

If you are a lover of Nigerian food then you most check out All Nigerian Recipes and Food. Started by Flo Madubkie, a Nigerian food-o-holic, the website offers authentic Nigerian recipes, from dishes to snacks, and everything in-between that is tasty.   Check out her Youtube channel as she gives a step-by step tutorial on how to make these yummy dishes. 

You can also get your own copy of the All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook. We got ours and we are loving it!

My Burnt Orange 

Burnt Orange is the food blog of Freedes,  a passionate globe trotting foodie born in Botswana of Ghanaian Heritage and married to a  Zimbabwean. She describes her dishes as very Pan-African infused with cosmopolitan flair.  As a mother and a professional electrical engineer, she finds time out of  her busy schedule to cook up a storm. 

Check out her video below on how to cook Sewaa from Botswana 

Kadi African Recipes 

Kadi recipes is a fun home cooking instruction blog for African cuisine created by the bubbly Oumau Bah from Guinea. She uses both her blog and videos to teach a variety of dishes mainly across West Africa and East Africa. 

Check out her tutorial on how to easily make a cous cous meatball dish from North Africa.

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen 

Zoe's Ghana kitchen is a pop-up restaurant and dining event experience that combines Ghanaian cuisine with a contemporary dining experience. The meals are all home cooked and full of love.  The blog section includes several recipes from the organizer of the event, Zoe Adjonyoh, with each having its own  unique story.  

Mzansi Style Cusine 

Though South Africa is home to many of Africa's food blogs there seem to be a lack of exposure of the variety of dishes from the country.  Author of Mzanzi Style Cuisine, Thuli is dedicated to showcasing the very best of indigenous and modern dishes from across South Africa in her blog. 

Every African Food and Beautiful Culture

The African Gourmet is a blog authored by Ivy Newton, an author of several other books on African food and culture. Her blog overs the most comprehensive and well curated content on African food from several different countries across the continent along with their recipes. 

Funke Koleoshe's Food Blog

Funke Koleosho's is the author of the famous Contemporary Nigerian Cuisine cook book. She writes about classic Nigerian food remade with a modern twist, and other foods that she loves. She has become an authority on Nigerian food, holding workshops and talks on the future of Nigerian cuisine.


Chef Afrik 

Chef Afrik is the home of Kenyan foodie Adhis, documenting her mission to cook and eat her way though African and the Diaspora, once country at a time. She offers recipes and travel tips to would be holiday makers.  Read her hilarious post of her experience of visiting Brazil without learning a word of Portuguese here.


K.O. Rasoi

Authored by TV producer, Sanjana, KO Rasoi explores her curiosity for East African dishes that are vegan friendly. 


9jaFoodie is authored by food enthusiast Ronke Edoho featuring her recipes of different African foods with a touch of her creative flair. Her recipes are primiarly rooted in traditional Nigerian food but she is always looking for new and innovative ways to reinterpret them to fit her healthy lifestyle. 

The African Pot Nutrition 

Cordialis Chip is a registered dietitian is the author of The African Pot Nutrition. On her blog she offers a wealth of information focused specifically on African foods and the African diet. You can learn the nutritional content of specific African food, incorporate certain African foods into your diet to have a healthier lifestyle, and find recipes for many dishes. 

Pepper & Stew

Pepper Stew are dedicated to making African recipes simple and easy to prepare.  They share their love for the taste of home making it easy for anyone to interested in cooking African food. They sell a range of products that can be used to make a well known African recipe or can be used as a base for many other recipes. 

The Groundnut 

Duval Timothy, Jacob Fadio Todd and Folayemi Brown are members of a food collective known as the Groundnut. Based in the UK, they share their passion for African food by organising pop up dinner events where guests enjoy a set menu of African inspired meals. 

Their cookbook, designed in a menu format, is both informative and a visual treat. It balances food photography with more informal pictures of friends and family having fun. 

The Executive Mama Put

Nigerian Foodie and mum of two Nky Iweaka aka 'The Executive Mama Put' has for the last few years been redefining how Nigerian food is cooked and presented. Her website features several of her recipes, ingredients typically used in Nigerian food and how to book her to cook up a storm at your event.

Toi Moi & Cuisine 

A great African food website for French speaking foodies that also has plenty of instructional videos on YouTube.

Pepper & Stew

A collective of African foodies dedicated to making African recipes quick and easy to make. They sell several food products that are great for those who want to create their own distinctively homemade taste without the stress.