The Cartoon Series That Aims to Expose African Mysticism to The World

RED ORIGINS is an African animated series created by Kolanut Productions, an up and coming independent animation, comic, and game productions company. 

The production is spearheaded by Nigerian American brothers by Onyi and Obi Udeogranya who started the project in 2012. The brothers initially set out to create an "African version of Dora the Explorer"  to teach Igbo to toddlers.  The concept was later dropped to make way for the Afro-futuristic cartoon series, Red Origins.

Here is an excerpt from Okay Africa on why they feel so passionately about the project.

“We recognized other cultures had the ability to tell amazing stories while educating the masses on their rich history… that is everyone except us… the Africans,” Onyi (Red Origins‘ producer) told us about his inspiration for the series. “So we wanted to do something about it. Africa itself inspired us. The more we researched on Africa in its entirety the more excited and inspired we became. Nnedi OkoraforBen OkriChinua Achebe, and all of the amazing Africa fantasy writers.”

The Udogranya's are currently fund raising on Kickstarter to develop the series which you can support here