A List of Clubs & Organisations That Empower Black Girls.

Image beauty is something that afflicts millions of black girls. It is therefore important for there to be social groups that empower them to see their inner beauty and enable them to realize their full potential.

Bino and FIno has compiled a list of organizations that are empowering little black girls around the world.

Black Girls Code

Black Girls CODE is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching girls ages 7-17 about computer programming and digital technology.

Girl Effect

The Girl Effect Movement is an initiative  powered by the Nike Foundation in collaboration with the United Nation Foundation and other global partners. The Girl Effect movement has positively impacted the lives of millions of girls in countries such as Nigeria and Ethiopia. 

Pretty Brown Girl

Pretty Brown Girl! is an initiative that encourages girls and women to celebrate the shades of brown all over the world through the Pretty Brown Girl Club, products, and events.

Seed Community 

Seed is an organization that provides higher educational opportunities for girls and women from challenging economic backgrounds in developing countries through affordable loan programmes. 

Afro Puffs & Pony Tails 

An inspirational organization for African American/Black Girls to Learn and Grow

London Schools & The Black Child 

london schools.jpg

Black Girls Rock

Black Doll Affairs

Radical Monarchs 

Assata's Daughters 

Brown Girl Magic

Queens Of Eminence

Pearls for Teen Girls 

My Little Princess

Project Butterfly New Orleans 

Jelani Girls

Girls; Live, Love, Laugh, 

Pearlettes- Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

Sigma Gamma Rho Rhoer Club

God's Gift 

Above & Beyond Initiative 

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