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5 Top Instagram Accounts on Life in Africa to Follow

Instagram is an awesome way to share experiences and moments in time. We've pulled together some of our favourite Instagram accounts that depicts life all across Africa

Dynamic Africa

African based media platform that provides information and stories that shows the day to day experience of people of the Africa Diaspora. 

Check out Africa 

CheckoutAfrica intends to promote the culture, fashion, entertainment, travel diaries, lifestyle and talent development of beautiful Africa.

Taste For Africa 

Taste of Africa revolves around a food truck that tours different parts of Africa giving away food to people in different local communities.

Everyday Africa

Everyday Africa is a collective of photographers that seeks to represent an authentic depiction of daily every day life across the African continent.

Africa Show Boy 

Photographer, blogger and poet Nana Kofi Acquah weaves an elaborate picture of life in Ghana through his camera lens.

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Oskido ft. Candy - Tsa Mandebele (Kids Remix)

Something to put a smile on your face today :) 

This is an awesome music video of a bunch of South African kids at school dancing to a popular song known as 'Tsa Mandebele'. It was such a huge hit that it was celebrated as the song of the year in 2013. Off the back of its popularity the Kwaito DJ Oskida put together a version of some kids singing the song.

Prepare for some cuteness!


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Reasons Why Mothers Are So Awesome

Kenti girls.jpg

So last Sunday was Mothering Sunday. A time to call and visit your mum with lovely presents to show how much you love her. Being a mother is certainly not easy. In fact, it's super tough! Mothers take care of us when we are babies, nurture us when we are kids, and deal with our mood swings when we hit puberty. Safe to say: it's a very exhausting job. 

Here are a few reasons why mothers are so special.

Reason 1: No matter how busy she is, she will always have time for you

Reason 2: She can wash your really dirty clothes and make them look brand new!

Reason 3: Even a last minute school project can be a success because of your mum.

Reason 4: She will always want to feed you her home cooked dishes!

Reason 5: She will always remember your birthday :) 

Reason 6: When something  bad happens to you , your mum's hug is all you need to feel better.


To celebrate these wonderful ladies in our lives, I've picked an African hit song from the 70s by Prince Nico Mbarga called 'Sweet Mother'. It's ubiquitous influence is felt all across Africa and is usually played at weddings and social occasions.

So take a bow, ladies. We appreciate and love you very much.

Have a great week everyone!

- Ibrahim


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The Ghanaian Goldilocks!

A few days ago we came across this adorable children’s book. It’s called ‘The Ghanian Goldilocks, a story by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli and illustrated by Phil Howell.

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Wonderful Picture Of a Young African Girl

Beautiful picture of young girl in African traditional wearWe absolutely love this picture. She is just radiating wonderful energy. We have tried to find out who took the picture with no luck but they did a wonderful job. 

Posted on March 21, 2013 and filed under Fun Stuff, Thoughts and Views.