Should Nickleodeon Have Invited Pitbull?

Pitbull at the Nickleodeon Awards Ceremony

I suppose as one gets older it’s natural to say things like ‘What are children watching nowadays?’ or ‘The music kids listen to isn’t really for kids.’ I wouldn’t class myself as particularly old or conservative but I had one of those moments last week when I saw the image above. It is from the recently held Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids' Choice Awards. There’s nothing wrong with it. Well apart from one thing. The man in the shades standing next to Christina Aguilera is an artist called Pitbull. I’m sure many of you know him. If you don’t, here’s is a taste of the type of music he does.

The video gives an idea of the type of music he does. Now it is important to say at this point that as adults what you listen to is your own business. We can have debates about the general direction of modern pop music and if we like it or not. But people are free to release they type of music they want and listen to what they want. That includes Pitbull. I even have my own collection of movies and music that others might find unsuitable.  I also understand that between generations what passes as acceptable changes. But I'm an adult.

When it comes to children some kind of line has to be drawn. There has to be some sort of obvious safety zone. It seems that that 'safety zone' is being eroded at a rapid rate. I just don’t understand how Nickleodeon thought it would be appropriate for Pitbull to feature on their awards show. He is called PITBULL for crying out loud!!!!!! That should have been a clue. Ok seriously I just don’t understand the logic. The scary thing is that you see ‘mini Pitbulls’ dancing behind him. That shows the influence he and his brand has. 


Nickleodeon isn't alone in this. I've been to many children's parties in Lagos or Abuja when I've heard D'Banj playing and the kids are dancing to songs like Oliver Twist. Oliver Twist? Really?!?! Have you listened to the lyrics of that song? I've had several arguements with DJs and some parents even. 

With the 24/7 media onslaught that happens today of course it is difficult to shield children from adult orientated music. But when a children’s brand pretty much rubberstamps it then things have gone too far in my opinion.

Or am I just getting too old?