An Exciting List of African Cartoons For Children

As you know we are very passionate about children’s animated content from Africa. Some of you have asked us if we know of any other projects like ours. There are a few projects in development or that are finished that we know of so we will list them here for you. The list is by no means complete as sometimes it is hard to get news about them. Where possible we try to show content produced in Africa with an educational slant. So here is the list and we’ll do our best to keep it up to date. Let us know of any you know as well. 

Abeba and Abebe

Abeba and Abebe' is an animation series made in Ethiopia with kids, for kids, about… kids! Abeba and Abebe is the first ever animated series to be made in Ethiopia by and for Ethiopians. It follows a standard kids series format of 52 x 7 min episodes (that’s one story a week for a year!) and is aimed at an audience of 6 - 12 year olds. Here is the website.

Tsehai Loves Learning  

Already popular with parents and children in Ethiopia, “Tsehai Loves Learning” has recently gained international acclaim, winning prizes at the worlds two biggest competitions for children’s media in 2008. With awards at both Prix Jeunesse and Japan Prize, “Tsehai Loves Learning” has been internationally recognized by children’s broadcasters and educational media specialists for its quality, social impact, and educational value. Here is the website.

Bouba & Zaza

The Legend of Ngong Hills  

The Legend of Ngong Hills  Based upon a Maasai folktale, 'The Legend of Ngong Hills' is the creation story of these magnificent hills that backdrop present day Nairobi, Kenya...

The humongous and frightful Ogre of the forest, who has a habit of attacking the Maasai village, falls in love with the beautiful young maiden...a story of greed, tyranny and courage.

Chicken Core

Chicken Core is a Nigerian animated feature which follows the adventures of a group of chicken warriors in their quest to rid the land of Amaji from the clutches of the tyrannous Boar King and his minions. 

The Rise of Kings is an animated short prelude to the era of the chicken kingdom. It is a tale of when the chickens were manipulated by an ancient menace, and then sought to liberate themselves in a final battle for freedom.

Chicken Core aims to deliver a fascinating package full of action-adventure, drama and intrigue for both the young and elderly. It is targeted at the local and international audience while also seeking to bridge the gap between cultures in Nigeria.


Frustrated with his isolated upbringing, a young falcon journeys to the bird city of Zambezia, leaving his home and father to make a life for himself. He soon discovers, however, that living in a community can be more difficult than surviving in the wild and it is only when the city comes under threat that he comes to understand that the only life worth living is a life lived through others.

A Seed for Nkoza and Nankya

An Animated Children's TV Series Featuring a little boy, Nkoza and his Young Sister called Nankya on their Quest to Acquire Knowledge to Protect their Small Village, surrounding Forest and Wildlife. A 3D Animated Children's TV Series, Education through Entertainment

Join Nkoza Zange and Nankya on their Quest to go School and learn all they can about protecting their small village and the challenges of living in the shadow of the Big city which is expanding rapidly and threatening their culture and the well being of the wildlife living in the surrounding forest. Coming to WBS TV, Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00am to 10:00am in Uganda. 
Here is the current website. 


The O Twins is the title of an upcoming 3D Animated Comedy Television Sitcom featuring Tami, Timi, Mom and Dad. The show centers on a family living in the city of Lagos. Here is the website.

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