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An Exciting List of African Cartoons For Children

As you know we are very passionate about children’s animated content from Africa. Some of you have asked us if we know of any other projects like ours. There are a few projects in development or that are finished that we know of so we will list them here for you. The list is by no means complete as sometimes it is hard to get news about them. Where possible we try to show content produced in Africa with an educational slant. So here is the list and we’ll do our best to keep it up to date. Let us know of any you know as well. 

Abeba and Abebe

Abeba and Abebe' is an animation series made in Ethiopia with kids, for kids, about… kids! Abeba and Abebe is the first ever animated series to be made in Ethiopia by and for Ethiopians. It follows a standard kids series format of 52 x 7 min episodes (that’s one story a week for a year!) and is aimed at an audience of 6 - 12 year olds. Here is the website.

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Bino and Fino's New Look

Click for a larger version of the picture

Hi all. Here is an image of the general design direction of the new Bino and Fino episodes. There is still more work to be done regarding locking down the look and getting it to a particular standard. We’ve experimented with different visual styles but

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Cartoon Network Africa. Should Africans Be Angry?

Cartoon Network Africa Website

Take a look at the picture above of the Cartoon Network Africa website. Notice the lack of actual African shows? I did this over 4 years ago and got angry about it. I’ve had a chance to calm down since then! The situation is still pretty much the same. Nickleodeon Africa and Cartoon Network Africa still have little or no African made shows for children on them. I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is the ‘Africa’ tag attached. At least that is what I HAD a problem with.

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