The Coffee Ceremony of Ethiopia & Eritrea

Coffee making is an important part of Ethiopian and Eritrean culture. Coffee is offered when receiving visitors, during festivals and weddings. When coffee is politely refused, then mostly likely tea (shai) will be served.

The coffee ceremony starts first by roasting the green coffee beans over hot coals in a brazier. Once the beans are roasted each participant is given a chance to sample the aroma made by wafting it towards them. This is followed by a grounding the beans and pouring the coffee grounds into a boiling pot known as jebena.

To pour the coffee from the boiling pot, a filter made from horse hair is placed at the spout of the boiling pot to stop the grounds from escaping.

After this is all done, the coffee is served to all who are present often accompanied with popcorn or peanuts. The coffee is brewed three times. The coffee ceremony may also include the burning of traditional incense such as frankincense and gum Arabica. 

Here is short clip showing how the coffee is made. I can smell the aroma from here!

Posted on April 18, 2015 and filed under African Culture.