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African Natural Wonders For Kids To Know ( One of Them Is The Highest Mountain In The World )

Africa is full of many natural & architectural wonders that we could spend a lifetime discovering them. Here are seven wonders we feel everyone should know Africa by. 

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What We Love About Sierra Leone

Historically known as the land of ‘Lion Mountains’ in Portuguese, Sierra Leone is one of Africa’s most beautiful coastal peninsulas. In the west, Sierra Leone has 400km of coastline rich in marine life. The country is also blessed with low lying mangrove swamps, rain-forested plains and fertile farmlands, and finally a mountainous plateau in the east.

Posted on May 13, 2015 and filed under African Culture.

Fashion Life In Senegal

Senegal has a long history of being  one of the fashion hubs of Africa. With its dazzling bou bou dresses and flowing kaftans, Senegal is really a nation that prides itself in it’s fashion culture.  During the muslim feast of Eid al-Adha fashion shows are held to mark the occasion. This is where the country’s top designers get to showcase their latest collections.

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The Coffee Ceremony of Ethiopia & Eritrea

Coffee making is an important part of Ethiopian and Eritrean culture. Coffee is offered when receiving visitors, during festivals and weddings. When coffee is politely refused, then mostly likely tea (shai) will be served.

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The Kuomboka River Festival in Zambia

Zambia boast some of the most fantastic waterways in Africa. In the middle of April, people from far and wide come to the country to attend the Kuomboka Festival of the Lozi people. Every year when the Zambezi  River floods the plains, it creates a deep shallow river. The Lozi people move to higher ground during this period and the Kuomboka is seen as a ceremonial event to mark it.

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Black Children's Dolls - Ntomb'entle Dolls

Ntom'bentle Dolls is the concept and creation of Molemo Kgomo. She brought the range into the market in 2005 after identifying the lack of pretty black dolls in the market which her daughter could relate to. Little did she know that in addressing that she would be answering the call of millions of other moms around the world who wanted their children to have dolls that represented them.

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Basket Weaving In Different African Countries

Basket weaving is an old tradition that can be found in different African countries. It is a welll respected skill that is handed down from one generation to the next. Each basket is unique in its style so you will never get two baskets that are identical. Basket weaving is mostly practiced by women in rural communities as a source of income. It always amazes me how their skilfully hands turn simple grass into strong sturdy baskets that are able to store food and clothing. 

Posted on March 26, 2015 and filed under African Culture, Education.

How To Tie A Nigerian Gele Head Wrap

The Gele is a tall elegant head piece worn by women from Nigeria. Though originally worn  by women  from the Yoruba tribe it has become a popular fashion accessory for all women across the country and a must have for social functions .

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