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Our 5 Favorite Bino and Fino Posts of 2015

2015 was a really awesome year. We discovered some really great things that are helping to nurture young minds. After a lot of thinking we've compiled our favorite 5 posts of 2015.

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African Natural Wonders For Kids To Know ( One of Them Is The Highest Mountain In The World )

Africa is full of many natural & architectural wonders that we could spend a lifetime discovering them. Here are seven wonders we feel everyone should know Africa by. 

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A List of Family Holiday Destinations in Africa

Travelling around Africa can be a fun and educative experience. Unfortunately many African families seem to prefer to travel abroad most times and not to other African countries. This is due to a couple of reasons. 

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The Traffic Robots of DR Congo

We all know how how manic traffic can on our way to work. In Kinshasa, one of Africa's mega cities, traffic can be unbelievably frustrating and chaotic. To combat this the police are getting help in the form of two  8 foot robots shaped like a policeman stationed in the capital to help keep cars moving. These mechanical officers run on solar power with in-built cameras & report traffic offences to a central computer.

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Basket Weaving In Different African Countries

Basket weaving is an old tradition that can be found in different African countries. It is a welll respected skill that is handed down from one generation to the next. Each basket is unique in its style so you will never get two baskets that are identical. Basket weaving is mostly practiced by women in rural communities as a source of income. It always amazes me how their skilfully hands turn simple grass into strong sturdy baskets that are able to store food and clothing. 

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Happy Independence Day Ghana!