The Traffic Robots of DR Congo

We all know how how manic traffic can on our way to work. In Kinshasa, one of Africa's mega cities, traffic can be unbelievably frustrating and chaotic. To combat this the police are getting help in the form of two  8 foot robots shaped like a policeman stationed in the capital to help keep cars moving. These mechanical officers run on solar power with in-built cameras & report traffic offences to a central computer.

The creator of the traffic robot, Thersea Izay, an engineer, says that the robots are an  innovative solution that can be implemented  to control traffic in cities. She also says  that the traffic robot is the only one of its kind and can only be found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Her hope is that governments will commission for more robots to be installed in cities across Africa & beyond. So far pedestrians and drivers seem to be impressed by the robot as it rotates with its red lit chest and brightly green hands to direct people safely on their merry way.

Check out the traffic robot in action below.

Posted on April 2, 2015 and filed under Education, Fun Stuff.