Black Children's Dolls - Ntomb'entle Dolls

We just discovered Ntomb'entle Dolls from South Africa. A bit I admit as they have been around for about 10 years! They were created by Molemo Kgomo. Here's more about the dolls and their creator from their Facebook page. 

Ntom'bentle Dolls is the concept and creation of Molemo Kgomo. She brought the range into the market in 2005 after identifying the lack of pretty black dolls in the market which her daughter could relate to. Little did she know that in addressing that she would be answering the call of millions of other moms around the world who wanted their children to have dolls that represented them.

The goal with Ntomb'entle Dolls is to provide little girls with a play doll which they can see themselves in and therefore start the process of redefining the definition of beauty in South African girls.

Here's a link to their Facebook Page. 


Posted on March 26, 2015 and filed under African Culture, Fun Stuff.